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oysters ud.
coca bread with spread tomato
acorn iberian ham
vegetable spring rolls
iberian ham croquettes
crispy king prawns with parmesan cheese
scrambled eggs with potato, foie and truffle
foie micuit shavings
salmon and red tuna sashimi
palamos prawns

* * *

lambs lettuce, avocado and king prawns
puglia’s burrata with tomato and basil
duck salad with pear from puigcerda
lobster salad with mango
bluefin tuna tartare with guacamole
pheasant cannelloni with foie and truffle
linguini with lobster
mountain paella with sausage, artichokes and mushrooms
lobster soupy rice 2 pers.
dry rice with artichoke and squid
fish and seafood paella

* * *

bluefin tuna loin tataky with seaweed, enoki and shitake
monkfish stew with mushrooms
coast fish
chicken paillard with curry, mango chutney and basmati rice
iberian pork shoulder with apple puree
roasted sukkling goat short loin with potato slices
steak tartare with potato straws
beef tenderloin with mushrooms
bone-steak tagliata d. o. galicia